Review: Gabriela Hearst Patsy Bag

Gabriela Hearst seems to have a Midas touch when it comes to bags. Her Nina creation is sold out and rumour is that the waitlist is longer than 1500 names. Her bags are only available through her site, where customers can place their name on a waitlist that gives no further indication on when customers can expect to receive their bags.

My Patsy arrived today, and I am impressed. The leather is as soft as Hermès. In fact, it is probably the softest leather of any bag I own; it feels like butter.


The bag feels a lot like a small jewellery case, which will make it handy when travelling (the bag will travel inside a cloth bag inside a larger tote). Gabriela Hearst has said it was inspired by women working in the 1940s during the war effort — specifically, by their lunchboxes. It strikes me as a bit small for a lunchbox, but it is delightful nonetheless. It is the perfect bag to wear to daytime formal events, such as weddings.

I love the closing mechanism. To open the bag, pop up the two middle latches, then slide the arches over them to reveal the inside:


To me, this bag has lived up to the hype.

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